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Charity Auction Spotlight (VIDEO)

 Charity auctioneer Jennifer Bolton conducting the successful sale of

Julie and Julia package during the Reel Grrls Gala and Auction at the FareStart Restaurant, downtown Seattle.



Reel Grrls Gala and Auction. The excitement at Reel Grrls annual celebration and fundraiser was truly inspiring. The evening featured an interview with an award-winning director, films made by Reel Grrls for other charitable causes, live and silent auctions, dessert dash, and the delicious food at the loft-style FareStart Restaurant.

  • Special guest: Anne Rosellini , writer/producer of Winter's Bone.
  • Live auction: 12 items.
  • Hot items: Seven nights in Barra di Navidad, Mexico; an authentic paella dinner; an Eat, Drink, Pray package; and an overnight at Wellspring Spa.
  • Financial goal exceeded and guests had a fabulous time!

Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities through media production training. Special thank you to them for sharing this video!

 Ideas for Your Charity Auction


auction bidding


Silent auction countdown to close.


Silent auction ideas. A range of creative concepts and familiar favorites is key to enticing your guests - a little something for everyone. Start your brainstorming with these silent auction ideas covering silent auction basket themes to one-of-a-kind handmade crafts, gift certificates, activities and tours.

dessert dash


Fast and furious live auction bidding!


Auction ideas. Big or small, live auctions have the most potential for inspiring bidding frenzy - all for a good cause. A bidding war only needs two good bidders, but there are many hot lots with strong appeal. Follow the link for descriptions of dinners, parties, trips, tickets, date nights, one of a kind items and experiences to get you thinking about auction items that would work best for your guests.

dessert dash


Dessert dash - bid, run, eat!


Dessert Dash. Cookies and cakes and pies - oh my! A dessert dash is a great way to add excitement (and exercise) during the live auction. Desserts can be donated from local bakeries or else made by talented volunteers. A great assortment is essential. Check out our step-by-step guide for how to conduct a dessert dash during your auction.


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