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Past Charity Auctions in Seattle

Building community is an important focus of any charity auction, as well as meeting financial goals.


Reel Grrls Gala and Auction

The excitement at Reel Grrls annual celebration and fundraiser was truly inspiring. The evening featured an interview with an award-winning director, films made by Reel Grrls for other charitable causes, live and silent auctions, dessert dash, and the delicious food at the loft-style FareStart Restaurant.

  • Special guest: Anne Rosellini , writer/producer of Winter's Bone.
  • Live auction: 12 items.
  • Hot items: Seven nights in Barra di Navidad, Mexico; an authentic paella dinner; an Eat, Drink, Pray package; and an overnight at Wellspring Spa.
  • Financial goal exceeded and guests had a fabulous time!
Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities through media production training. Special thank you to them for sharing this video!
Charity auctioneer Jennifer Bolton conducting the successful sale of Julie & Julia package presented at Reel Grrls Gala & Auction, FareStart Restaurant in Seattle, Washington. Valued at $250 and sold for a very generous $1000. Congratulations and thank you to Reel Grrls for this fabulous video!


Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction

At the Artist Trust annual celebration and fundraiser, community support for Washington artists was strong in spite of a challenging economic climate. People enjoyed the gallery-like presentation of the art, the impressive quality of the pieces due to the juried selection, and the festive environment. 
  • Theme: Art Carnaval .
  • Entertainment: Scintillating samba sounds of Kiko Freitas Ensemble with the dazzling Tudo Beleza dancers.
  • Silent auctions: 125 silent items.
  • Live auction: 46 items.
  • Hot items: Mary Lee Hu’s gold brooch, Justin Gibbens' watercolor, Akio Takamori's porcelain plate, Etsuko Ichikawa’s pyrograph, and Rachel Illingworth’s multi-layered work.
  • Financial goal was met and attendees had an amazing time celebrating art!

Charity auctioneer Jennifer Bolton conducting the successful sale of Boy Plate by Akio Takamori during the Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction at the Seattle Center, Fisher Pavilion.

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