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Charity Auction Services

Charity Auctioneers

At a high level, the goals of a charity auction are to meet the financial targets, raise awareness, and build community support for the organization. A good charity auctioneer will work well with your auction chairs and volunteers as well as entertaining the guests and inspiring bidding. The auctioneer is key to setting the tone and pace of the event, but that should be based on the goals and guidance from the chairs and organization representatives. Successful auctions are a team effort. Everyone has an important role - from the chairs and event planners to volunteers and guests. A great charity auctioneer elevates the mood of the evening and potential for giving by recognizing the people who are contributing to that success.

Meet Jennifer, charity auctioneer


Emcees / Announcers

Keeping the energy level high and guests engaged is important, especially with longer auctions. Having a skilled emcee making announcements and reading item descriptions for the auctioneer can add spice and variety to the verbal rhythms throughout the event.

Meet Meghan, emcee / announcer / reader

Professional Spotters

Professional spotters can enhance the fundraising potential of any auction by promoting follow up bidding, thanking the high bidders, helping keep track of secondary bidders for multiples, and generally ensuring that all bids are caught. Starting packages include one auction assistance, but additional spotters may be needed depending on the size and layout of the event.

Meet Marc, professional spotters


Event Night Auction Managers

Event Night Auction Managers are responsible for training volunteers and managing processes such as registration, silent auction closure, cashiering, and item pick up. The Auction Manager arrives two hours before the doors open and stays throughout the event to ensure volunteer time is used effectively, questions are answered, any issues addressed, and guests are checked in and out in an expedited fashion. Allegria Auctions is happy to partner with 501(c)3 Events to provide this stress-relieving service.

Meet 501(c)3 Events

Event Night Data Entry

Data entry experts from 501(c)3 Events have experience with auction software from both Greater Giving (Auctionpay) and AuctionMaestro. They are available to perform all of the data entry functions of the event, allowing the auction chairs to socialize with guests. Allegria Auctions is happy to partner with 501(c)3 Events to provide this stress-relieving service.

Meet 501(c)3 Events

Auction Computer / Printer Rental

Avoid the hassle of transporting and setting up computers and all the related equipment. 501(c)3 Events can bring laptops and printers to your event for use in the data entry area, at registration for capturing credit card information, and/or for use as a Bidder Recognition system for the auctioneer. The 501(c)3
Events consultant will network the computers together as part of the rental service. Allegria Auctions is happy to partner with 501(c)3 Events to provide this stress-relieving service.

Meet 501(c)3 Events

Auction Consultant

Auction consultants work on anything and everything from procurement to guest development to volunteer coordination. If engaged in advance, they can add value from the slow but steady beginning to the intense and exciting end.

Meet Eileen, charity auction consultant

Additional Resources

Check out our recommendations for event spaces, DJs, photographers, special event planners, or other online resources for alternative fundraising ideas.

Additional fundraising ideas and resources

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