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Ken Charm - Spotter

Where did you grow up?
Huntington Beach, CA

What brought you to Seattle?

I moved to Bellingham, WA to attend Western Washington University.  I had a job as a fish biologist before I graduated so I stayed up here.

What do you like best about Seattle?
Seattle allows me amazing access to my love of the outdoors.  I hike, backpack, sail, snowboard, and anything else anybody wants to introduce me to.

What is your "day job"?
In addition to what most people refer to as recreational activities, I view my day job as recreation as well.  I'm a fish biologist in the process of starting my own environmental consulting firm, Charm Environmental.  I get to get paid for doing things like walking through streams, catching fish, looking at plants and animals, and then telling others what I think they should do with that information as it relates to their project.  I can't imagine doing anything else as a full time career.

What types of causes and organizations are important to you personally?
I have my favorites of course.  They tend to be related to childrens health and welfare as well nature organizations.  I have worked with Children's Hospital, the Seattle Aquarium, People for Puget Sound, and others in those categories.

How did you first get involved with benefit auctions?
My first auction was the annual Children's Hospital Auction of Washington Wines.  A friend of mine worked for the Children's Hospital Foundation and asked me to come help out.  I did.  She worked there for about a year and helped with just that one auction.  I've worked at almost every one for the last 7 or 8 years now and loved every exhausting minute of all of 'em.

What do you like best about benefit auctions?
I have learned that the best part of a benefit auction, for me anyway, is working them.  Getting to interact with the crowd, encouraging people to bid just one more time, making sure that bidder in the shadow at the back of the room is seen (or heard).  There's an energy in the room that just can't be beat.

What do you enjoy about your role with Allegria Auctions?
I am naturally outgoing, but only to a point.  When I'm working as a bid spotter, that point moves.  During the rest of my life, nobody will ever observe me yelling loud enough to be heard over the din of 1,000 people eating dinner.  Nobody will ever observe me jumping up and down while wearing a tuxedo.  Nobody will ever see me going up to some random person and suggesting to them that they spend another $1,000 on something that's only worth $500.  But I love having the opportunity to do so at an auction while raising money for a good cause.

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?
I want to say the durian because you just gotta love the idea of a fruit with the texture of custard that smells like dirty socks.  But really, I'm much more like a ripe banana.  I'm sweet, a little softer than I was in my prime, high in potassium making me think a little quicker than other fruits and veggies out there, and I come in my own wrapper for convenience. 

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