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35 Live Auction Ideas

Here are 35 live auction ideas to get you started. Items selected for the live are usually the highest value items procured, but more importantly have the most potential to go over value. One of a kind items, dinners hosted by members of the community, parties and trips are all popular live auction items.



Viva la France! French-theme dinner with French wine, food and music.

That's Amore! Italian-theme dinner with Italian wine, food and music. 

Sake and Sushi. Japanese dinner may be all fish or include cooked specialities as well.

Caribbean Queen. Share the dream with some colorful cocktails and spicy dishes that will bring out the island hopper in all your guests. 

Fondue For You? Three courses - cheese with apples and bread, then the savoury meat course, and finally the chocolate course with strawberries and pound cake.



America the Beautiful. Does anyone have a nice view of the Fourth of July fireworks? Have them host an All-American party with hamburgers, hot dogs, and the works. Throw in a babysitter too and it's instantly family-friendly. Click for new ideas on burgers and dogs.

Viva la Vino! Wine tasting are best when given a theme. The guests can try several of the same wine, for example Cabernet Caberet or Passionate Pinot. Or else try wines from one world region like Chile, South Africa, or Australia. Pair appetizers, music and party favors to match the theme. Include a designated driver pick-up and drop-off for a sensational and safe soirée.

Booze Cruise. Not just for teenagers in Mexico anymore, a good old fashioned sailing trip or motor boat on the lake is a great excuse to break open a couple of bottles and enjoy the change of scenary. Great company too! 

Botox Party. For you and your closest girlfriends so you can hold each other's hands and marvel at the difference afterwards. Mimosas required.

Tailgating Party. Root for the local team with the pre-func next to the field. Grill required.

Texas Hold 'Em Poker Party. Could be a couples night, a boy's night, or a girl's night out. Beverages, snacks, cigars, and a full house.

Girl's Night Out. Sex and the City or Desparate Housewives trivia games, wine, and chocolate. What more could a girl want? Oh yes, a karaoke machine. 

Oscar Night Party. Pass out ballots for guests to chose the winners. Pair dinner items to match the best picture candidates. See here for examples.

Pool Party. Rent out the community pool or perhaps someone you know is willing to host a party at their pool. Either way, there'll be a splishing and a splashing and a whole lot of laughing. Canonball contest anyone? Click for pool party recipes.



Staycation. In town trips to the zoo, aquarium, museum, science center, local amusement park, kayaking, horseback riding lessons, hot air balloon rides, VIP passes to a festival, guided tour of a local business (especially if it involves taste-testing) are all nice options. Be sure to include lunch!

Night and Day-tripper. Destinations within driving distance, but still out of town are a very popular option for people with families. Overnight should be included. These may include beach towns, golf resorts, ski resorts, mountain cabins, or houses on a lake - wherever someone might have a place they are willing to donate.

America the Beautiful. Our beautiful country is filled with incredible natural scenary. This category make include an Alaskan cruise, a trip to the Grand Canyon, New York Broadway Melodies, New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Más Passport Stamps, Por Favor. Mexico, Canada, London, France, Italy, Hong Kong.



Sports. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, or any local teams. Does anyone have access to great seats or a company suite? Even better if it's a great game or match up with a historical rival.

Boat Show or Car Show.


Date Night

Dinner Theatre. Dinner and a live show. If it's a school auction, perhaps one of the teachers can babysit?

Dinner Cruise. Dinner, music and dancing on the water.

Dinner and a Movie. Dinner at a hip restaurant, opening night for a blockbuster with popcorn and treats, and perhaps an overnight at a nearby hotel?


Fine Craftsmanship

Flagpole. Custom crafted to include the family name.

Jewelry. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but everyone appreciates fine craftsmanship.


One of a kind

Celebrity Lunch. Any nobel laureates, ex-professsional sports stars, musicians, food critics, celebrity chefs, or radio personalities in the community who might be willing to guest host a lunch? 

Wine verticals. Same wine, several different years. The winner is able to taste the difference of the fruit over the years and compare the effect of aging on the wine. A nice treat for wine lovers.

Up in the air. Private jet rides, flighting lessons, or fighter jet simulations make unique auction lots.

Puppy love. A thoroughbred or a puppy from the pound. Sweet face and puppy eyes for maximum ooohs and ahhhs.



Handblown Glass Vases.

Flower Arrangements.

Colored Glass Votive Holders. Perhaps a couple of colors, uniting the theme of the evening.

Glass Jars. Several sizes. Can hold brightly colored candies or different spices like cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, dried whole red peppers.

Painted Pots. Can hold can live flowers or candles.

Tree Branch with Cards. Embed a smooth branch (no leaves) into a strong holder like a vase filled with rocks. Branch can be painted white or just sanded and smooth. Hang handmade cards off of it, which fit with the theme and can be reused by the winning bidder.


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