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Twelve Tried and True School Auction Ideas

Let's face it - we parents love just about anything our child makes. Our fridges are decorated with their paintings and drawings. Some especially fun ones we put on display at work for that extra smile during the day. We save the popsicle stick puppets, the construction paper turkeys, and the handmade christmas ornaments.

So when it comes to school auctions, it's easy to get excited about what our children can do combined with the talents of the other students. What better way to show support for our child's class and teacher than bidding on a one-of-a-kind handmade class project? Here are twelve tried and true school auction ideas for kindergardners and up.



Checkers or Chess Set

Each child gets to decorate one checker or chess piece in a complete and usable set. The board can be created, sanded and painted by a handy adult. Best of all, this piece of memorabilia can be used and enjoyed by the whole family!

Fimo Owl Chess Set

Photo courtesy of the Pathfinder K-8 Owl Clan.


Chalkboard with Ceramic Tiles

Each child paints a tile according to a theme. Each tile is placed on a wooden frame around a large chalkboard. The young artists can sign the chalkboard or give a message about why they love their school.



Each child can bring a found object or small significant item to contribute to the overall design. The design can be around the edges, framing the mirror, or patterned with enough visable space to function still. Pathfinder Snake Mirror

Photo courtesy of the Pathfinder K-8 Snake Clan.



A face, place or thing is blown up into a large image and cut into squares. Each child paints one of the squares and the image is reassembled.



Each child paints a flower, butterfly, bug or animal on a large ceramic planter. Multi-colored handprints are fun for smaller children.



Each child paints a picture of themselves or a favourite animal or food onto a platter.



Each square has a design by the child which can be painted, drawn or glued. Having a talented quilter assemble the pieces can elevate the value tremendously.



A handcrafted scrapbook chronicling the past year with photographs, quotes, anecdotes, and artwork.


Table with iSpy Game

Each child contributes a few found objects - the more interesting and colorful, the better. A responsible adult will embed the objects into a tabletop with clear resin. Then the children draw pictures of their objects to put on 3 x 5 cards. These cards are included with the table which can be offered as a game table or a fun coffee table.

iSpy Table Project

Photo courtesy of Grant Center for Expressive Arts Ms Sand's 3rd grade class.

"What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" book

Essays and illustrations from the class on the subject of their future career aspirations and dreams. It can inspire such fun quotes as "When I grow up, I want to be a worker like my dad."


Wooden Bench

For older kids, the bench can have their names burned into the wood. Or else have ceramic tiles cemented onto the seat.


Extra Special School Auction Bonus: Stuff for your kids

Fun in the Sun! Have a favourite teacher rent (or borrow) a convertible for a day, pick up the kids,take them for a picnic at a popular spot - the beach, a lake, somewhere scenic. Then follow it up with a game of frisbee, beach ball volleyball, or chasing giant bubbles. 

Rockstar hair! Temporary coloring to give your child the rock and roll hair of as many colors as she or he wants. For a nice live package, pair it with a photography session!

Principal for the Day! Your child will get to follow around the school principal and get to know the highlights of the job, including walking around during class without a hall pass.


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